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Our prices are quoted in advance

Don't sweat the cost

At Giddens Brothers Inc., we make sure that ALL our products and services are affordable for our customers. With no application fee, no down payment, and no closing costs, we offer 100% financing. So the lower your balance, the lower you interest.

Benefits of financing

  • No down payment, no minimum purchases

  • Immediate credit upon approval

  • Quick decisions- apply today and get a decision in minutes

  • Affordable monthly payments

  • Flexible payment terms

  • Special financing terms available

  • Will not exhaust the credit limit of other cards

  • Easy to access funds

Call today to learn more

No Banks. No money down.

Not based on your FICO score –

Saving home energy and money just got simpler!

Sometimes your credit line may be greater than your initial purchase. In that case, use your remaining credit toward items like thermostats, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, zoning systems, or energy recovery ventilators.

You can afford us, we guarantee it

Call us and get your financial plan set-up today

We have the new California FIRST 

Energy Saving financing program!


The Last Honest Heating &

Air Condioning Company

in the Valley