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Give that room a new elegant look

Looking to make the room more complete? A fireplace will certainly help with that. It acts as a perfect center piece and will add a personality to any room in your house. Here at Giddens Brothers Inc., we will assist you in choosing the perfect fireplace for your home.

Looking to buy a wood stove?

Rather than installing an expensive heating system throughout your home, try installing a wood stove instead. They offer a number of benefits such as:

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We are the exclusive carriers for Regency Fireplace Products. With this top of the line brand, we guarantee ALL  our products and offer installation services as well. Call now for a FREE consultation and see which product is best for you.

Regency Fireplace Products & Giddens Bros Factory Promo Rebates up to $1000,

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The most reliable and the most affordable

  • Clean burning and efficient heat

  • Save money on your heating bill

  • Renewable energy

  • Small, medium, and large sizes available depending on the room

The Last Honest Heating &

Air Condioning Company

in the Valley

Fireplace & Woodstove ChangeOut Programs

Air Quality districts are giving out incenve money to change your old wood burning fireplace to clean burning gas, wood, or pellet burning products take advantage of this program today

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